Sunday, September 19, 2010

Impressive Ufo seen over Naval Vessel Bridlington Bay UK 18 September 2010

Not sure what we are seeing here  - this Ufo is quite impressive indeed.
These  bright lights were seen over a Naval Vessel Bridlington Bay UK on the 18 September 2010.
RealUfos is looking for anyone from this area can shed a bit more info on what we are seeing here,
I am requesting the poster to provide us with some more specifics on this important sighting.
Bridlington Bay: (where the Red H is ) :
Update - Poster notices the boat is signalling back to the Ufo with lights:
Mystery black opp ..special boat services..boat signaling to ? you decide..same place same time as ufo over naval vessel..different camera.this boat has been here for over 6 months though mostly further off shore..
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