Saturday, October 23, 2010

Did you also see a Bright orange Ufo Orb over Montreal ? 22 October 2010

I've received 2 emails about a bright orange orb up in the skies in Montreal Canada over the last week asking if others had seen it. Then someone just sent me this video link so it looks like this is the object everyone is talking about. Please reply if you also saw this orange orb in Montreal.

RealUfos reader:
This happened first at around 6:30 PM, then at about 9:45 PM. 
It happened yesterday, on the 20th of October.
Hi. I've been following your blog since a long time  now, and I wanted to submit two UFOs I've seen yesterday, at night. Sadly, I  do not have any visual proof, but I hope someone else saw them, too.  Basically, I was on my way to college, and, as I was heading towards the  subway, I saw this bright orange light in the sky. The sky itself was  covered with clouds, but there was this pretty big spot (As big as an eye   iris, but in the sky), with no clouds, and that was where the light was. I  first thought it was a plane, but I checked from different angles and the  light wasn't moving, until it dissipated out of nowhere. It was of a very   bright orange color.

 Next, on my way back home, I saw another light like  that one, except that this one was moving from left to right. I didn't  bother much because it could have been a plane, but it automaticly changed   direction and started going up and left at the same time. Sadly there were a  lot of trees and buildings so I lost it after a while. I live in Montreal,  Quebec, Canada, and the two UFOs were seen near the Cadillac subway and the  2nd one near the Pie-IX subway. Thanks for your comprehension, and keep up  the good work. Hopefully we'll get to see more important sightings.

Please remember to submit any personal sightings to both us here at RealUfos and Mufon. 

We are going to have an increased focus on personal sightings from now on, not just the run of the mill larger sightings.
Every sighting is important and helps us piece together a larger picture with multiple reports from different people. Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

Good work with this site...I check it everyday like the rest of the news. Hope it continues to get more interest and sitings content.

Push Back said...


Anonymous said...

JUNK!!??..Push Back!..JUNK!!??
If you shoot them down,then, there would be some JUNK,...Ours!?
Thats already been tried,some planes WERE lost!........

Maybe the same glowing light? said...

September.21,2010 i seeing a Huge glowing orange light between 1:00 a.m. to around 1:30 a.m at first i thought it was the sun coming out but then i realized it's 1:00 a.m. in the morning, so anyway it was floating above the water looking like it came out of it for about 5 minutes then it looked like it floated back into the water, at first i thought i was hallucinating but then a couple minutes later i seeing it again this time a little farther away by the ocean then it dissappeared, at first i didn't wanna say anything beacause you know how other non-believers/skeptics/haters would react saying stuff like oh it's just balloons/lanterns/sky divers your crazy etc. it appeared in brooklyn,n.y. where i live by the bridge maybe the verazzano bridge, no way it's a normal size light from the bridge because it was huge, wake up PPL and come fourth and speak out don't be scared like i was.

Anonymous said...

This looks just like the objects reported over Edwards Airforce base in Oct of 1966. Red balls with a green bottom, 7 of them flew over Edwards for several hours until a f105 fighter jet was launched to intercept and investage. The objects flew up into space and vanished. Watch "Code Red" of UFO Hunters, the image matches their computer model.

Anonymous said...

Okay the post where the person said they seen a glowing orange ufo over the verrazano bridge well how about this I seen the same one last october it was on 18 th avenue and 81 st stay still in the sky very low down. we were in complete shock but when we went to get our phone it started movining really fast and we followed it to the bridge we were like how does noone see that, we called 911 and everything and reported it as a ufo

contact me
[email protected]

Priscilla Djirackor said...

Witness 3 of them last night in Brooklyn, January 2, 2013 at around 10pm. Over Prospect Heights/Crown Heights area. Were flying SE. Slowly, following each other at regular intervals. Those were NOT planes as there a 3 planes in the sky at same time and they clearly did not look alike or move at the same pace. They were bigger also. What is going on????

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