Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cam captures objects over New York aagain ? 3am GMT

I would like anyone who may have also seen or caught this on live cam to please verify this sighting. This guy obviously caught this on his camera from the live cam broadcast, but i would like this confirmed. (Note: some full on language on the video)
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Push Back said...

Rap destroys the creditability of the ufo video. If it's rap it's crap.

Anonymous said...

The value of this as 'evidence' I would approximate at zero.

Anonymous said...

If this is the best our technology can do,then no wonder we all live on an Anthill!?lol..............

onlyificouldspell said...

This is the exact reason why
Extra terrestrials haven't contacted the general masses of the public.
Need I go further?

Anonymous said...

How can someone listen to such crap.
Lets hope ET experiment on him to find out!

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