Saturday, October 23, 2010

Astonishing Proof of alien life - new DNA test reveals starchild skull is alien !

Updated - all remaining parts now below
 highly recommend you sit back and take time out to watch this whole fascinating Lecture by lloyd pye on the latest about the starchild skull - filmed on october the 12th 2010. Truly ground breaking find here and looks at the proof of alien life on planet earth - proven by newest dna tests of the skull itself.
Note his comments on wikipedia are totally true, wikipedia is a biased and dangerous mechanism of information control used by the a powers that be to discredit anything that goes against the norms of modern day science, don't use it and tell your friends not to rely on it as a credible source - read why.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4
Part 5

 Part 6
Part 8

Part 9
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Anonymous said...

Where are parts 5-9?? any ideas?

Anonymous said...

I did in part, watch these Vid's couldn't find the other's!?
Yes! fascinating Lecture, but I couldn't help but wonder,that the DNA.that proved beyond doubt, to be of alien origin,...was really
being appreciated, or taken onboard,as it were,..considering his comments on "wikipedia"
and yes, Matt has warned us about
wikipedia!..but this must set confusion for some, whom are not aware of the warning or even have excepted it...yet!

I have been following the story on the "starchild skull" and it is good to read, that the DNA. hase been that the end of it??........

Anonymous said...

links are not working
any new links?

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