Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Further strange triangle lights over New York NY Nov 2010

I want everyone in New York state to please keep your eye up to the skies every night now and have your cell phone and video cameras ready to roll. This is very important.
The sheer volume of emails, videos and questions from people in New York about weird lights seems to be increasing every week here at RealUfos, with sightings almost every night there. We need to work out what these objects are!.
Im guessing an infra red camera would better help identify this and help us work out they are sky gliders, ballons or some type of solid craft.


Ufo NY ? Nov-28-2010
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Anonymous said...

Since we all know, that a Cam. is
relatively clear, but we are given
a blurred & fuzzy shot of New York
then the only comment that can be made about such a blur IS:

Anonymous said...

Probably need to vet some of these videos a little more thoroughly. The first video is so painfully a fake.

Anonymous said...

the 2nd video are not ufo's!!! they are towers for power lines that have been there for years. have seen this webcam and knew it from day one. nice try!!!!

Anonymous said...

first 2 videos are fakes!!!!

Anonymous said...

Too Blurred to be true!...? lol

Rather than, too clear,to good, to be true!
Thinking of CGI. (Computer Generated Image)

How about a blurred CGI.would cover
up more detail of the CGI.!?
You see! you can't win!...SO!
It makes sense to me,to rule out all blurred shots of UFO.and just
try to make sense of the clear ones
as to whether they are real or not!
That way,at least you can see it for what it IS, or is NOT!?......

(Exceptoins on the real old Photos)

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