Thursday, December 02, 2010

NASA To Make Alien Biology Life Statement today - Update

Just an update everyone:

The ramifications of today's announcement at NASA on astrobiology could be huge for the Ufo and ET field because it habitable environments are discovered in our solar system it raises the probability of life in the universe threefold again.

I've been advised today's Upcoming annoucement will be on "the activity in the poisonous gases on the Saturn moon Titan which may photosynthesis" however this is still rumour at this stage.

This is a developing story and like everyone else i suggest you tune into NASA here today at 2 EST Rate this posting:


Not My Name said...

they are going to tell us that life doesnt need oxygen and hydrogen to evolve. nothing new to me, but seems to be new to them. basicaly they are just going to tell us that they broadened their narrow minds a little bit. :) therefore, dont expect 2 much :)

jan walter said...

according to Aftonbladet, a swedish newspaper it's about a bacteria found in Mono Lkake, California which lives from Arsenic.

Anonymous said...

the reason for nasa coming out with this is because they are looking for funding as nasa have had to take serious cuts lately so they are trying this as a poker ace to try and get the funding they are looking for. simple really.

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