Thursday, November 25, 2010

Strange objects near the sun again

8-10 Nov 2010 some weird objects caught near the sun again:
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Anonymous said...

Strange image artefacts around our sun.

Anonymous said...

What would we see,if the Hubble Telescope were focused on these
weird anomalies near the Sun......?
I mean,what are they? does anyone
know? does anyone want to know?
These things, what ever they are, must be HUGE!? so what are they? What most of us would expect
to see I think,would be just some HUGE round heavenly bodies up there
near the sun...BUT!... "what if"
something else was to be seen up there!?..Clearly seen!..wouldn't that be a mind blowing,jaw dropping
amazement!? OTHERWISE, its just a boring green something, out there!
Next Please!.........

Anonymous said...

Could be asteroids and comets

Nick DK said...

"Could be asteroids and comets"

No it could not.
If these things or orbiting the sun like it seems.
The would be about the same size or bigger then the earth!
And i have never seen or heard about asteroids and comets that big.
I think the reason 4 that, is that u normally call things like that planets.

But if things are different in the solarsystem u come from, them i guees u might be right!

Anonymous said...

this is not a normal camera you cannot assume they are objects

Anonymous said...

its quite possible they are ufos but if they are; there must be spaceships out there that are as big or bigger than earth and if this is the case then who or what built them and are they friend or foe, and if they are an enemy to planet earth how the fuck could we defend ourselfs against such an attack,be bit like the movie independence day without the bullshit at the end of the movie where earth prevails. P.S. We realy need to find out what these objects are !

Gangaa said...

been out searching for work and friends on Nov.24th,2010....

Am I causing trouble to anyone Dear ?...

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