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Ufos filmed over Tucson gas station make the news Nov 23, 2010

The recent spate of Ufos over Tucson has made it into the media.
Here's the latest report :
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Suspicious lights in the sky were seen by several KGUN 9 viewers on Saturday night. What were they?

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Was it the military? Was it a flare? Was it an alien spaceship? That's what KGUN 9 viewers are asking about some strange lights that appeared in the sky on Saturday night at around 10:39 p.m.
Sheila Martin captured the sight on camera from an east Tucson gas station and posted the video on YouTube. Martin says that she saw at least 4 lights moving from south to northeast in a boomerang formation.

"I was shocked. This is happening right over our heads. I was amazed!" said Martin. Others also recorded the event and posted their videos online. One Tucson man reported seeing as many as 16 lights in formation.

Martin says -- what she captured on video should look familiar. Remember the Phoenix lights from the late 1990's? Thousands of people saw the triangular glow in the night sky. The military said that they were flares but many are still skeptical.

"What's the connection to the Phoenix lights? They imitated them to the T" said Martin.

Steve Raw of Tucson also saw what he describes as a trapezoid formation. "They were very small, not twinkling and static" said Raw.

Vo asked Raw, "Do you think this could've been a UFO?"

He replied "As in extra terrestrials? I don't have the expertise to make an opinion but I think it's possible to some extent."

9 On Your Side took the video to James McGaha. As a former military pilot and now an astronomer, he's spent forty thousand hours looking at the night sky. He thinks the lights come from flares.

"Question is, did someone release them as a hoax or are they flares from something else? The reason you can say they're flares is because they're very bright points of light in the sky and they're not moving" said McGaha. McGaha insists - there's no way the lights came from an alien spacecraft.

Sheila Martin disagrees.

"What do you think it was?" asked Vo.

"I'm gonna say, aliens. I'm sure there's all types of different aliens out there. I believe we're aliens. There's human aliens out there visiting us" said Martin.
But McGaha says, even "alien logic" explains why the lights did not come from an alien spacecraft.

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe any "reputable" news crew would get the opinion of "amature" astronamer James Magayha. This is the same guy who claimed the UFO activity at Rendelsham Forest was a light house. I for once just wish a news crew would ask him "Ok, if these are flairs why aren't they loosing altitude? Or illuminate there smoke?" 2 things all flairs do. Magayha is a wholey owned subsidiary of the United States government, and can be trusted as far as you can through his fat ass!

Anonymous said...

James McGaha,is a well known ufo.
sceptic! Remembered from the:

"LARRY KING live tv. show CNN."

If James was to see a "real ufo."
he would think that there would have to be a perfectly good explanation for what he would be looking at;...Like its probably a
James,looks like a very nice Person
but you won't find him falling out of his "open mind" over ufo!? lol

Anonymous said...

A lazer is emitted? Please. Anyone knows that when you film lights with a mobile phone this anomaly occurs frequently. Why on earth would you post a 6 second clip like that? I'm done with this website. I've had my intelligence insulted one too many times here.

Anonymous said...

Did Sheila Aliens finally get something?

I'm closer to believing her for once rather than the astronomer. Especially considering the military confirmed NOT dropping any flares that night. Pretty much takes the wind outta that guy's sails.

Anonymous said...

so, peple can't copy your articles, but it's ok for you to post copyright material from other sites on your blog???

I hate two faces people!

Let me just tell you that I wrote an email to both sites from which you coppied articles in last two posts!
I hope they'll sue you!

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