Thursday, December 02, 2010

My Mum talks to Aliens

Here is the Australia Documentary i was talking about that aired the other night "My Mum talks to Aliens". It makes a good watch (well the final parts)

pt 2


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Anonymous said...

An excellent documentary!

I think there is no need, for families to end their relationships
based on what is believed, or not
believed, because everyone is an
individual, with individual
experiances. Issues can be worked through,..not given upon! and yes!
proof can be difficult!
One persons experiance can be as
different as anothers lack of it!
Just that difference alone, can leave doudt, and lead to an "unnecessary" difference of opinion.
For some people though,I think a personal experiance, is what's needed to make that impact,rather
than just a compelling story,which
is someone else's personal experiance, although! it is a good start!
For alot of us,we know something is going on, we know!! but what?
A lot of us have seen a ufo. but some of us have not!...that's where its "hard" to except hearsay!

foxy said...


foxy said...

new links to my play list dont know how long the vids will be up tho m8

Anonymous said...

please put up the videos again...

Send them to he has a lot of excellent videos and has his on player...

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