Thursday, January 13, 2011

Large triangle Ufos being reported all over the world ?

I have received numerous emails from people in the UK and US reporting sightings of a Huge triangle craft recently. If you live in the Uk or US and also thing you have seen a large triangle Ufo in your area disappear and coming back please respond to this post.
Here are just a few reports from our readers:

26 8 2010 black triangular aircraft appeared to my left coming toward me as i was yalking to my neighbour at about glided silently over my home at about 200 ft travelling about thirty miles per hour,it was huge and completley blocked out my view of the night appeared to have a plasma around it . i witnessed this for about 15 20 seconds until it used some sort of cloaking device to disapear.yhis thing had some thing at each corner that i describe as angels or swans wings they appeared to me to be craft.the blackness of this triangle was eerie i have never seen such was so black that the sky behind was dark blue which made it easy to see.the craft was an isoceles triangular shape wiyh no lights or markings rivets no joins no lights.i live 3 miles from heathrow airport and this craft was headingto heathrow airport.the thing that worried me the most was the way this craft disappeared like something out of startrek.contacted mod and they were not interesred.strange. other strange things have happened over the next few days ie. helicopter gunships deployed locally and m25 motorway shut down for an apparent gas leak

24th 12th 2010 I saw it very close floating above the Linden appartments in redding for about a minute then it took off faster than any aircraft or aircraft footage i have ever seen! I would say it was only 200 yards up in the air and could see that it was a triangle with a big light in the center! this was the first time i saw anything like it,my girlfriend verifies also. it was some kind of antigravity technology for sure!

P.S...I would like to remind everyone that it is around new year. After my last 3 weeks in Asia i personally spotted and even let off my own Chinese lantern and I can now better understand how a large majority of Ufos and triangle Ufo sightings can be mistaken for these silent flying lights. From now on i am going to be extra careful with the videos posted on RealUfos as a large majority out there are definently lanterns. As Chinese lanterns are not allowed to be sold in numerous western countries because of flight safety concerns, when they are let go many people have no idea what they are and panic, unlike the people in asia who often see them every night. Its very important to exclude chinese lanterns from Ufos when you see of film a Ufo sighting as both look very similar.

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Anonymous said...

Good to see that you got more skeptic when it comes to dots of light in the sky. I wonder if those people really saw triangular crafts or just three dots of light in the sky ... :(

Michael said...

1.the first UFO i ever saw (or was aware of what i was seeing) a few years back at around 3am i saw an enormous series of 5 (possibly more) vivid bright luminescent point of a laser like red lights in triangle formation which appeared in the east (seemingly out of nowhere) traveling southwest very slowly, and completely silent. The lights paused in the sky in the far west, and then shot str8 up into the sky traveling so fast they left trails of light behind them, and disappeared without a trace. Later i would discover through research it was pretty much the exact same thing people who witnessed the famous Phoenix lights described seeing. 2. last year mid summer, my brother called me outside to look at what he asked me "Is that some kind of stealth bomber?" It was an EXTREMELY loud engine, almost like the sound of thunder, pretty low flying, about the size of a jumbo jet i'm assuming, 3 white fixed lights forming a pyramid shaped triangle, 1 strobing blueish white light in the dead center, and a red light that went back in forth (think of kit from night rider) across the back end. Very cool whatever it was. 3. Silent, relatively slow moving, 3 fixed white lights in the shape of an isosceles triangle, VERY high in the sky (I say this because it was barely visible) i couldn't really judge the size, being it was so high up, but i'd say it was pretty big judging by how is was still visible. 4. Last October i was walking up the sidewalk into my front door at about 10 pm and i noticed this EXTREMELY bright orange/amber orb just hanging in the sky, like literally low enough i felt like if i wanted to i could throw a rock at it, and it was directly in front of me. I just stood and watched it for about 2 mins, and then ran inside to get my new camera i had just gotten for my birthday a few days before only to find the battery was completely dead. So, disappointed, i ran back outside to try to film it with my iphone, only the resolution was so bad it would barely pick it up, and iphone's camera doesn't have a zoom feature when recording video. So, i didn't bother, but here's where it got weird. As i was trying to film it with my phone, it began to sort of wobble, like just sort of moving slightly to the left and right. It was like it saw me start to film it, i guess? it started to move away, relatively slowly, and as it was beginning to move away, the bright bright amber light sort of powered down, and became juse a small faint orange light, in the middle of 2 blue strobing lights on each side, and 1 white strobing light in front, with a faint red strobing light in the back center. This thing was completely silent, and as it was flying it sort of slowly altered it's direction, not like a sharp turn but almost a circling back around maneuver, and flew right over my head. It was relatively low so i got a good look at it, and... as weird as it sounds, it looked a lot like a sort of cloaked, like... i don't know how to explain it... Like when predator puts on his invisibility cloak, but with more detail... Anyway, the shape was, and again, i know it sounds unbelievable, but it looked A LOT like the same overall shape and size as a banshee from HALO. I mention this 1 as a triangle UFO because the lights were in triangle formation, although the sape of the craft was more oval with small rods sticking out of the sides. Believe me if you want, i don't really care, because these experiences are all dear to me, and i don't really need confirmation. The poster asked for people to share their experiences, so i did. I live in Knoxville TN, about 30 miles away from where nuclear physicists where recently testing the famous "GOD PARTICLE" or the atom smasher black hole maker thing in Oak Ridge. I would appreciate the judgmental or negative comments be kept to yourself, because they are useless. Thank you if you read all that :) And keep watching the skies!

Nick DK said...

Ty for sharing Michael! :)

Anonymous said...

I had one of the large triangle crafts fly directly over my head. It had 4 bright head lights and one solid red light. It was low in the sky (maybe 200 feet) traveling very slowly. It was completely silent until it was directly over me then it sounded like a jet engine. The craft was huge and it was very eerie. Here is the video.

Michael said...

Awesome video anonymous. I've seen alot of weird triangle crafts, but not that 1. That 1 was a little eerie.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous w/ youtube video. Looks like you got yourself an airplane! Great catch!

Anonymous said...

hi matt have'nt seen many posts since you got back from your holiday i certainly hope you did'nt get caught up in the queensland floods as i did it was very bad

Anonymous said...

Both my sisters saw a slow moving black triangle over north east england in 2002 or2003 sunderland area. It was silent and of a blackness they could not describe just as a blacker than black.

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