Thursday, January 13, 2011

Triangle Ufo lights over lake elsinore 6.1.2011

Catching up with all the recent Ufo sightings over the last week.
With triangle Ufo reports being the most common so far in 2011 this over ufo sighting over lake elsinore is very interesting indeed, especially as it was filmed from different angles:

witness comments:
Basically we were on the 15 fwy south by temescal canyon rd, i was sleeping and my mom n sis woke me up asking what was that in the sky, at first it looked like a meteor or something falling out of the sky when I was taking out my camera it split into 3 lights, news and 911 emergency said it was skydivers, if it were that must be some really bright glow sticks to see it from that far, I'll let it up to you to make your own minds up.... 9:38pm 6.1.2011
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Anonymous said...

For what it is worth I used to live in Lake Elsinore, and it is a prime hang-gliding area. People hang-glide off the nearby mountains and over town and the lake. I think this is just a hang-glider with light on it.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! We've missed your post!

Anonymous said...

Elsinore is also an important skydiving venue, and this local media report positively IDs this sighting as nocturnal skydivers:

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