Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sun's gravity an ET communication device ?

Really interesting article here:

Our own sun might represent the best communications device around, if only we could harness its power, scientists say.

If the sun's gravity could be used to create a giant telescope, people could send and receive intensely magnified signals that could allow us to call an alien civilization, some researchers propose.

According to Einstein's general relativity, the sun's behemoth mass warps space-time around it, which actually bends light rays passing by like a giant lens. If a detector was placed at the right focal distance to collect the light, the resulting image would be extremely magnified.

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molumen said...

Shouldn't we be able to verify this concept with massive planets like Jupiter and Saturn? They too have a huge gravitational field due to their massive bodies, and since they are smaller than our sun, the minimal focal point shouldn't be that far away...

Anonymous said...

Why would You like to call Alien civilization?
We have enough trouble without them.
What would You do if Lizard grays,Giant bugs and other shit comes here?
Do You need more unknown bacteria,do You wanna share your food,house,family??
What`s wrong with You people???

Anonymous said...

To no2 Comment:

My understanding,is that some of the Alien civilizations,are Human!

Just a thought!?..but..Where did we come from originally?...?..yes!

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