Sunday, September 18, 2011

Another news report on the Lights Over Las Vegas

Some Ufo researchers say its still too early to call the objects over the southwest a meteorite or NASA debris.

The mysterious glow lit up the skies over Arizona, California, and Nevada. The bright light was seen flying over the neon of Las Vegas.A NASA scientist believes a small asteroid caused the bright meteor. College of Southern Nevada Planetarium Director Dale Etheridge agrees."This one was probably an asteroid, an asteroid fragment," he said.Scientists say a tiny chunk of an asteroid became a meteor when it hit the atmosphere."It was something probably on the size of an order to a marble or a golf ball, burned up entirely, never made it to the ground," Etheridge said.Seeing a shooting star, many made wishes. Others are still intrigued. Peter Davenport is director of the National UFO Reporting Center."It's definitely too early to say that it's a meteor," he said. "One would not expect a person to be witness to a meteor for 45 or 50 seconds."Some long-time Las Vegas residents may be experiencing déjà vu.In April 1962, a "weird object (was) seen through the entire west". The brilliant, red fireball was described as a meteorite.
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Randall said...

This was probably a meteor, but I resent the fact these news agencies try down play the incident by claiming it's the size of a golf ball!

The reports say that witnesses from at least 3 states saw this thing. Whatever it was, it was giant. We all remember the Columbia Shuttle accident. This object had to at least the of Columbia or larger.

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