Wednesday, September 21, 2011

NASA to declare no- fly zones on the Moon !

In a move that is highly suspicious NASA is to declare certain no-fly zones on the moon!

With both China and now private entrepreneurs in a race to get probes on the moon NASA is rightly worried. There is much to hide on certain areas of the moon. I highly recommend you read up about the well known structures on the moon as this will bring the real reason for the no-fly zones into perspective.

NASA believes certain areas of the moon are "US government property" and photos can not be taken from these areas from nearby probes in space. It now comes to no surprise now why they took pre-emptive action bombing the moon back in 2009. I would like to here your feedback on this developing story as well:

The zones are intended to preserve the Apollo landing sites and artefacts left on the moon during the manned landing programme 40 years ago.
NASA’s no fly zones are prompted by the Google Lunar X prize, the $30 million competition for the first privately funded team to send a robot to the moon.
The robot has to be able to move 500 metres and send images from the moon. Precise landing near the Apollo sites would get them more money.
“Personally I think it’s fair game for anybody to try and get pictures,” says Stuart.

According to Science, NASA is expected to come up with a set of “recommendations” for spacecraft and astronauts visiting “US Government property on the moon”.
The property was abandoned and the 1967 Outer Space Treaty makes it clear that the lunar surface has no owner, so the recommendations will not be legally binding.

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Randall said...

Yeah of course they want a no fly zone for the moon. The advancement of our technology will soon make it impossible for NASA to keep all the lies going.

Look at all the liars we've had in our Government. Especially the Obama administration. But also the Bush administration lied about WMDs. Clinton lied about getting a blow job under the WH desk. The whole 9/11 official story is a complete white wash! A total fabrication. 9/11 is a perfect example of how advanced technology is proving that Governments are having a much more difficult time lying to us than before. That's why we're all witnessing the acceleration of a police state grid being set up in America.

Regardless of whether all the conspiracies about the moon and the Apollo Missions are true or not, we know NASA is lying to us about something. And they know that they're time is limited.

skahooch21 said...

Does this come to anyone's surprise? If NASA and the government weren't so secretive this wouldn't be so much of an issue. And now they expect the world to respect "no fly zones" on the moon! Come on! Hiding is the only thing the government seems to be good at anymore. What happens when commercial flights start orbiting the planet? We may end up in steel tubes with no windows stating "that's top secret"! It's crazy for the US government to try to zone space! The only conclusion I can see, and fear I have, is that the government has nukes up there. This will draw conflict, rather they wanted or expected it. Then we can start having wars in space, such fun!

Greg St. Pierre said...

Nasa declaring parts of the moon to be theirs. Hilarious.

John said...

India already sent a Moon probe that photographed every inch of the moon. Sorry, no alien moon bases for you.


Anonymous said...

surely they have no rite to tell any1 they can,t take pics or fly close to the moon,what cause they say they went there that they own it?don,t think so,no offence to hard working americans but america doesn,t rule everything,especially not the moon.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha!...who would have thought!?

No fly zones on the moon, and so soon!.."INCREDIBLE!" so there IS something to hide or/and protect!!
and to think that NO ONE, has been
back to the moon, since MANs first
small step on the moon, and his
"GIANT leap for mankind" yeah right!

Now we're talking about fastwalkers
one big leap eh!
We have heard about the Astronauts
being warned off the moon, and not to come back; if that's true at all, it could have been, who knows for sure? and were did all the photos of the moon anomalies come from,the ASTRONAUTS?..thats a good reason to be warned off the moon, and not to come back.
AND NOW! hahaha!...a no fly zone!!
well forgive me,..there's no flies on me,...yet!:)

SO!...just how are they going to POLICE this?.....with Fly spray!?
or the:....S E C R E T - S P A C E program!!

now wouldn't that be letting the cat out of the bag??

R.B.W. Culpepper said...

I thought this was a joke at first. NASA has no power to order other countries around. If they had been truthful in the first place, they wouldn't have anything to worry about now.

Anonymous said...

the source article identifies the details of the 'no-fly zones' which turn out to be miniscule. 2km? the moon is massive, 2km fly zone is jack squat and does nothing to hide anything. there's an argument for the dubious claims of moon ownership, there's no argument this was done to 'hide the truth'.

Michael said...

This's hilarious to me; we (white Americans) take land from the Indians & bully them into handing it over "No! It's mine!" Like some kind of fuckin' selfish 2 year old. We find another race of humans in Africa, we enslave them & make them do our hard-labor. Now the US government actually has the balls to claim the moon is theirs... UnFUCKINGbelievable. The only logical next step? Some advanced alien race sees these "no fly zones" & makes the US people their bitches; GOD i hope so, cause we fucking deserve it!

Anonymous said...

forget the moon look at the sun there are hundreds of metal probes orbiting the sun why waste time on the moon and look at whats really going on this site is more into politicle gossup more than find out whats is going on another media hype site.

Carl Thomas said...

I'll check out the Indian pics that you say were taken, John. Lol, Michael, that was the funniest comment I've read in a long time, especially the part where the aliens make the US their bitches!

Anonymous said...

Hey man hand me that smoke.

Anonymous said...

"I would like to HERE? You mean I would like to HEAR?

Anonymous said...

Thank God I am White Italian and American Black Foot Indian.The English didn't get us all . ha ha ha .Read your history . Why post a racist remark ? You are one of the problems of this Planet . Let go man . in order to go forward you must remember the past but not live it.

Michael said...

Dude I'm a blond haired blu eyed white male, how is any of what I said racist? What part of "history" I spoke of was inaccurate?

NeutralParty said...

Lets be real here-- We know NASA has been shady for its entire lifespan. The government first set NASA in motion to be an extension of the military. If you look up their charter, you may notice their oath of alegience to the Defence Department. So don't kid your self-- these guys are stiffs for a reason.
It's very likely that the landing site is truly intact, but more harmful to the US govt is the fact that they were not the first to arrive. By this I mean very ancient structures and relics present in various places across the face of the moon that lead one to believe our entire civilization has been watched over for millenia, if not more...

MGrandis said...

Reference the Indian Pics and the Japanese pics you will find that all these used NASA telemetry facilities and all were subject to editing. This has always been NASAs fee for using any of their proprietary technology as everybody does in launch vehicles and satellites. What they are worried about now is backyard engineers and the X prizes.

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