Sunday, March 25, 2012

ANCIENT ALIENS - Aliens And Bigfoot

To be honest I think History has extended its ratings success Ancient Aliens beyond what the program is really about and its 'Clutching at Straws' so to say by relating ancient aliens to any mythical phenomenon. The whole thing is a nicely woven fiction now, (with the 'ancient alien theorists' linking anything they can back to ETs) but it does attract ratings and thats why they're milking the topic.
If the History channel really wants to talk about ETs and Ufos they only need to look at whats happening daily right now around the world - they don't need to look at the past. Its time they brought back a show like Ufo Hunters, or even better start a new series call RealUfos - an investigation into modern day ufo cases where the evidence is here in photos & videos and not some old fable or mythical story. Sadly some would argue its the modern day ufo cases that were too close to home and this is what got Ufo hunters pulled.
Public perceptions have changed within the last 10 years, if anything the popular Ancient Aliens series has shown us that Ufo and Et stories are major ratings winners. People do want to know more the topic and the media are catching onto this finally.
For those who like a bit of a story here is their latest episode - Aliens And Bigfoot:

Episode examines the legends of Bigfoot, a creature described as half-man/half-ape that allegedly stalks remote woodlands around the world, and suggests the creature may have connection to an alien species that may have visited Earth in the ancient past.

Investigators discuss the various sightings of Bigfoot footprints, the ancient myths and legends that speak of an ape-like giant, and ancient astronaut theorists who believe there is evidence to link Bigfoot to a visiting alien race.

People all over the world have claimed to have found giant footprints. Ancient myths and legends speak of "giants" stalking the Earth. What if there is evidence to connect Bigfoot with an alien species that once visited Earth in the distant past?
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Anonymous said...

I think that Ancient Aliens is on the right track. Bigfoot or Yeti are very relevant to everything they are investigating. After all, we are just a science experiment being conducted by a race of beings we will meet very soon. However, it's not going to be a peaceful or pleasant meeting. Well that is unless you are already doing their will by keeping the ret of us in line.

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