Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Interesting Ufo video

No idea where this Ufo video was filmed but it sure is interesting:
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Anonymous said...

What are the FAA rules for lights on UFO's?? And why would UFO's have lights??

Anonymous said...

For us to see them, for us to see the light!!...but some haven't.

Michael said...

FAA requires red & green flashing lights on each wing-tip, & a white flashing light on the tail. Also fixed lights are required for landing. The positioning & color may vary depending on the type & purpose of the aircraft. These are all requirements designated to enhance the ability to be seen at night. I hate the question "why would UFOs need lights???". It's really silly. Why wouldn't they? Even if by UFOs, you're implying that all UFOs are aliens (which is a critical misconception) are you suggesting aliens don't need to see each other while flying through the air at night at ridiculous speeds? Are they so advanced they can see through miles of darkness to keep from crashing into each other?

MLZ123 said...

HEY! I just saw those lights today over Gothenburg;Partille, Sweden around 03.55(Swedish time)in the night when i was outside having a cigarette. They did not flash but they were going together in the same speed and the distance never changed between them. They went straight north in about 20% faster than the speed of a satellite and they were smaller than a bright star but bigger than a satellite (i saw two satellites also while i was outside). then the objects suddenly stopped and changed their flight pattern with both objects turning and going east instead. then they started to act a bit strange, then they disappeared in the distance. It was kinda cool seeing something like this!:P

Randall said...

Totally fake. What gives it away is the amount of camera shaking. I know its hard to keep the camera from shaking when zoomed in on an object. But the shaking in this video is ridiculously over-kill.

Anonymous said...

It´s an airplane on the video.
At least the flashing pattern is exactly like a smaller airplane.

Anonymous said...

Try magnifying over 1000% and you can see its FAKE!!so disappointing!

Makes a mockery of ufology, & THAT is a very good reason for DOUBTING,
until you see, with your own eyes,
you won't get past that DOUBT:(

The only good thing to look forward
to,in my opinion, are the reports from responsible, & professional minded people,such as police & pilots, of the kind, people who know what they're doing...NOT some
loose minded monkey, who's got nothing else better to do, than photo shop some ufo. with an Ape grin from ear to ear thinking he or she, are the cats whiskers for having fooled the people into thinking, their handy work was REAL!?...So much for realufos! or is it Realfakeufos??.....GRUMPY:(

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