Friday, April 27, 2012

April 2012 Ufo sightings

Some highlights of the numerous ufo reports we receive this month.
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Fowlerville Michigan 25th April
On the evening of April 25th at about 10:55 pm and at the insistance of my dog to go out for a third time, I was standing in my backyard in Fowlerville Michigan and looked up to check out the stars. What I saw has left me totally baffled and wondering. From what seemed to be a bottom view, the object appeared to be square shaped with notches in the corners. Rows of red, blue, and green lights filled the square and they all blinked as the thing floated silently in a northeasterly direction. It appeared to be at a very high altitiude; up there with the stars, but it's difficult to be sure. What happened next had me yelling for my wife and kids to come out quick. The unidentified whatever suddenly, in the wink of an eye made a 90 degree move appearing a great distance at a right angle to its flight path. Then in the next instant, it darted back to its original flight path and continued in its northeasterly direction for a about 30 mor e seconds before it blinked and was gone. This whole sighting was only about a minute or two and I had no time to get my camera or anyone out to see this before it disappeared. Shaken and awed by this, I decided to be ready the next night at the same time with my camera. I saw a few planes and then, at exactly 10:55pm, I witnessed a military craft much like a stealth, triangular in shape traveling the exact northeasterly flight path. I am certain of the difference between this and the ufo and wondering about the connection. I have the miliatry vehicle on video and will keep looking for the ufo to appear again. Anyone else see anything similar on April 25th? 

Montreal, Canada April 7th:
We observed this object crossing the sky. It first appeared as a bright orange star comparable to the ISS in luminosity but couldn't be because it was overclouded that night and after the sighting, I checked the position of the ISS and it was east of Africa. It came from the North and flew in a leveled path to the south south west. As it passed over head it lost in luminosity, this is when my daughter took the picture. The date was April 7 2012 around 9:00 pm. I live 70km North of Montreal, Canada.
Clarksburg Maryland USA 
While doing my usual late night run, I saw two lights. Equal distance apart and moving at the same speed. Moving together. They were far apart though and then in a matter of seconds, they moved together and then apart again. It was moving very fast. Then the lights disappeared behind some houses so I ran to get a better view and saw it again. I ran home told my sister and she walked out onto the porch and said that is a UFO. When I looked again it twirled once, the lights came together. Flashed green, then red and then gold and started ascending high into the sky very fast and vanished. 

In Tustin, CA
I was looking up to change a bulb on a high pole, and saw a triangular shaped craft, with round patterns underneath. There was no noise, no lights. It disappeared into the clouds. It was dark, but light enough to see.

TWO, Extreamly Bright Objects, White/Yellow-Red Center, Moving From the North-East, Into a Southerly Direction. Location is Talibon,Bohol,Philippines. Observed by 7 people at my home

Hudson River New York April 2-3rd 
near the Hudson river, we see alot of weird lights in the sky and there is no reasonable explanation for them...I wish someone would meet me I can show them first hand what i'm talking about, and its incredible to say the least...

Coon Rapids  Minnesota
Around 10pm on two different occasions my wife and I have seen something in the skies that we really can not explain. We have seen lights, that at first I thought were satellites, traveling along and then they just disappeared. We continued to watch that area and then a few minutes later two lights came out of that same area traveling in totally different directions. For the two nights I have seen this happen I have about a total of 10 of these lights that are on a straight line just disappear and then minutes later appear but traveling in whole new direction. The one time the light I seen and was watching disappeared and about 10 minutes late a bright flash came from the area were the light disappeared, and a new light came from the flash and headed in the exact opposite direction. I have no clue what this is but it would be nice to find out. I am going to try to film this if it ever happens again. 

Strange Wind - cloaked object? In the middle of an intersection I go by on my way to my car after work about 15 silver small discs (about 3"x3") and a larger (about a foot) something that looked like it was filled with air rose out of the street. At first I thought is was papers but it wasn't.I watched as they went up into the sky out of sight. It was the strangest thing. The wind was blowing about 20 mph but yet they were going straight up. I do believe they were controlled by something or someone. Very, very strange...
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Anonymous said...

planes and helicopters from one of the 3 Airports, nothing special

Anonymous said...

I would have to say the same as above... The airplanes doing their vectors to land at the airport....

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