Sunday, July 08, 2012

Chasing UFOs: National Geographic Channel

July kicks off the airing of the new investigative series on National Geographic - Chasing ufos.
Its quite a change of tune for National Geographic to try to look at the Ufo topic as in the 90's the channel ridiculed topics such as crop circles and ufos. Again it goes to show the changing view towards the Ufo topic and the interest the topic now draws to the public.
Although its no Ufo Hunters, the dramatised the show does its best to introduce some new Ufo cases to the public, like the upcoming episode on the Varginha Brazil incident.
James Fox, director of the popular 2002 Ufo documentary Out of the Blue Chasing UFOs features in the series.

You can view this months upcoming  Episode guide here.
The next episode Sightings at Holloman Base (preview below) airs this Friday 13th July : '
If you have seen the show we would like your feedback on the most recently aired episodes:
Dirty Secrets Fresno Sighting -Residents in central California fear they are being watched after witnessing unusual objects patrolling the night skies. Some say the government is using alien aircraft to spy on citizens. 
Texas Lights in the sky - The saying, "Everything's bigger in Texas" proves to be true when Ryder, James and Ben investigate reports of mysterious lights spotted in the skies over two Texas towns.
Abduction Story Alien cowboys - Ryder, Ben and James head to the Colorado Rockies to investigate claims of animal mutilations and reports of abductions. These instances take place in San Luis Valley, a town with decades of history involving UFO sighting 

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Anonymous said...

Pathetic show. James Fox really sold out on this one.

Mark R said...

Please stop hawking this show. It's probably the worst UFO spoof yet. What they did in the last episode was unforgivable. They essentially humiliated someone who may, in fact, be an abductee, at least in his mind. The last thing they showed was a stupid trick using a mask to recreate a video, which they didn't do because the eyelids did not move in the mask. They never went back to the person making the claim to see how that felt. They never explained the gate that closed by itself. They didn't explain the camera resetting. They ended that it was all a joke. Pathetic.

I'm getting pretty tired of these shows where they spend more time videoing the cast members than they do the events they're supposed to be covering. In the first episode, they got a good picture of a possible UFO, and they stood there. What's the name of the show? "Stupidly Watching UFO's"? I expected them to try to get closer to it, but no, they stood there reviewing the material instead of trying to get more. And why do they have to do all their investigations at night? The only reason I see is to get to use their night vision cameras, because some of the investigation they were performing would have been better served during the day.

The last episode was a huge slap in the face to the community. Really, I hope this show gets canceled soon.

Anonymous said...

I don't think this show should get canceled... But should have more respect for the people that are willing to come forward and talk about UFO experiences.

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