Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Unsolved Mysteries: UFOs & Aliens

Just a collection of some classic and important UFO cases on my 90's favorite 'Unsolved Mysteries.' This series first started my interest in the UFO topic when I first watched it in the mid 90s.
I rewatched this entire video and even though I know many of these cases well now, I still found the witness interviews chilling, especially the interviews on the famous Kecksburg UFO incident.
The series is a great starting point for people new to the UFO subject.
Also, you can now get the complete series on a 4 disc UFO special.
Vol 2: Missing Time and Alien Abduction. Socorro Encounter - Kecksburg UFO
Unsolved Mysteries - UFOs - Vol.4: Men In Black —Canadian UFO — Wheatfields Visitations
If your a big UFO documentary fan and don't have it, this DVD set is a MUST HAVE for your collection - The Unsolved Mysteries 4 DVD Disc Set: The Complete UFO 26 Episode Collection : 
Ufo's , Government Cover-ups , Alien Encounters , Roswell , Alien Abductions And More : 4 Disc Set - 618 Minutes!
Disc 1: Bentwaters UFO Allagash Abductions Crop Circles Phoenix UFO Nazca Lines Mexico UFO Vancouver Lights
Disc 2: Roswell Roswell/Area 51 Connection Hudson Valley UFO Belgian UFO Falcon Lake UFO UFO Healing
Disc 3: Australian UFO Missing Time Socorro Close Encounter Kecksburg UFO Texas UFO
Disc 4: Men In Black Canadian UFO Wheatfields Visitations Life On Mars Interceptors The Blob UFO Odyssey
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