Sunday, July 01, 2012

Strange Formation Over Melbourne, Australia

Although not necessarily a UFO, this strange formation is intriguing.
Was it a camera lense effect or something truly strange?

Posters Comments:
Notice one object on the left slides to the right side of the formation. Shot with a wide angle lens. Objects seem to cross the field of view too fast for birds
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Anonymous said...

Suggestion:...faulty cloaking!?..%.

Anonymous said...

yea very strange, little more info on the setting would be helpful, did you see anything strange before or after or not through the camera

Anonymous said...

could you please reprocess the video with the effects: psycedelic, blur, inverted, mosaic, and posterization to have a more "clear" view of the amazing object ;) /ironicModeOff

Anonymous said...

Ooh! High Tech.stuff eh?...with the
/ironicModeOff...that should work!?
Why didn't I think of that?;)

The trouble is now, you won't see it, but when you do it could be clear...nice one!:)

Anonymous said...

They can be fur meteorites

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