Monday, July 02, 2012

UFO Fleet Over Port Elgin, Ontario, Canada. 11pm 30/06/2012,

Did anyone else in Ontario Canada see these UFO lights recently?: Posters comments: We seen one red light in the sky last night, it moved in a strange way, tonight I went back to look at the sky again and seen the same light, then another and then about six of them came over in a formation. I was out with my new Blackberry Playbook, I was trying out this new app. it's called "what's up" and it tells you the stars and planets that are out, that's what I was trying to see last night and that's what I was trying to see tonight again, but I seen these "lights" as well as the stars....the stars don't really show up good on the camera but I did get the lights, at first just one and then six. At the end of this video I was confused with the scene through the playbook and thought the neighbors driveway lights were two of the lights in the sky....I caught on at the end of the video but the first part and the move to the front of the house caught the real lights in the sky....if they aren't ufo's then I don't know what they are, they were red lights. Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

yes we seen these lights on too cosecutive nights the 30th and 1 st of july i have no explanation what they were and they made absoulutly no sound as they passed over our house> [email protected]

@glennlowe said...

Absolutely, about 9 orange lights over oakville at 10 pm

Anonymous said...

At about 11 pm looking northwest from downtown port elgin...saw one large orange-red flickering ball in the sky...moved very slowly east and disappeared...then at about 1115pm three lights moving in formation and at time stationary appeared, also moving east and then fading out one after another. UFO or Chinese lanterns?

Anonymous said...

They are wish lanterns you idiots

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