Sunday, July 08, 2012

UFO Seen At 41000ft - Filmed By Pilot

Some very interesting footage taken by an aircraft pilot. Please remember that pilots make the most credible UFO witnesses because of their knowledge of the sky.
This is likely why many airline companies (especially in the USA) punish pilots for coming forward with UFO reports. It's a courageous thing for a pilot to come forward and make this footage available. If you are a pilot and would like to submit your UFO reports (with full discretion) please send to us here.
Posters comments:
There are 2 aircraft involved. The plane recording the video is flying northwest at 38,000 feet, on the higher definition video, you can see the altimeter instrument reads 38,060 feet and a the direction of flight instrument shows a north west direction. The aircraft, heard on the radio, reporting objects in front of there aircraft is at 41,000 feet traveling east. 
This video was given to me by a pilot that use to be in the air force and now is in corporate aviation. The video shows an object he captured on video during a night time flight from Texas to Florida and back. He was the copilot. At the start of the video he is recording the city lights below, using the night vision setting on his camera, when the pilots points out a bright object passing above there aircraft. He video records the object and the pilot calls on the radio saying that he has several objects in front of them. Another plane pilot say he has them in sight. Yet another asks ATC if they had a report at 410. ATC reports that they might see traffic 3 miles ahead and instructs the jet to turn left. Another voice comes on the radio saying it is the planet Venus. The pilots want to remain unknown for professional reasons so don't ask me the names, dates, or aircraft information. This is real video, recorded in a real jet airplane, on a real trip. The audio is the recording of the real pilots and ATC radio communications.
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Anonymous said...

i doubt if planet venus zooms in on you.another way to justify what he is seeing.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the video link?

Anonymous said...

Wow no video. Lol

Anonymous said...

Men in black had it removed.

Anonymous said...

unauthorized video.

Lady said...

What happened to the video ? the reviews seem to indicate a good video, if they made a mistake they could have left it up

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