Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Readers Personal Sightings: September 2012

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Kinglake Victoria Australia September 
In kinglake victoria, last night around 10.30pm went out and looked up, although it was windy and the clouds were moving fast we have noticed light formations above cloud level moving in the opposite direction to the clouds ( from SW to N direction. ) for about 20min these formation of 5-6 lights, were moving faster than satellite and flying above any plane which was going over us at the time. been trying to film but the phone didnt pick it up. just wondering if anyone else noticed. we saw 5 waves of them and then they just moved on.

Ashville, NC
I was getting into my car, about to leave Ashville, NC when I was promted to look at the sky. Immediately I saw a vivid rainbow around the sun in a complete circle. I had seen one years ago and decided to take four pictures before I got back in the car. The next day I looked at my phone pictures and was astonished to see not only the rainbow circle but also a UFO in each photo within it's own rainbow!

Port Columbus Ohio
Recently found it interesting to observe flights incoming to Port Columbus from the West with a 10x binocular. Also observe things not usually seen with the naked eye like hawks, falling big bird feathers, hovering humming birds, etc. Somewhat fascinating way to kill some time before supper. Saw this perfectly round black ball traveling in a direct line South from the Port Columbus area. Size, about like a child size aspirin held at arms length as seen through the 10x binocular. Speed unknown but took about 4 seconds to pass from my field of view. Perfect straight line. Not seemingly affected by air currents as would be a balloon and as was affecting the hawk. I have seen another thing in the last few days which I am not yet ready to report. That thing was anomalous enough to cause me some concern and even fear, which I have yet to sort out in my mind. I may get enough courage to report it, although for now I would rather forget it was observed. I will not be called a nut case.

Southington, CT
I was personally abducted numerous times. It seems to have started when I was a boy in Southington, CT. I went camping with my brother and a friend when we noticed lights in the sky. I was on Southington Mountain looking toward Meriden Mountain. When these lights came over head. We had just lite a fire and walked towards the lights. The next thing that we knew we were walking back towards our fire and it was out. It had burnt all the logs we had put in it. This suggested that we had some missing time. I was also abducted many years later while living in Meriden CT. My wife and myself were awakened, well thats not quite correct. We came to consciousnesses and we were sitting up facing each other and our room was illuminated by a intense white light that seemed to be coming from everywhere at once. The light then vanished and I told me wife that " its the Aliens". I ran outside to find a space ship but to no avail. I have also been visit ed in my house by grays and blues as I call them. They always put me into a paralysis. It seems to start with a buzzing sound and then I am paralyzed to my bed. They then come in and do some experiments on me. I have also been brought into there space ship by what seems to be some kind of anti gravity field. As my wife and myself float up into the air. These are only a few of my many experiences. If any one else in CT has these same experiences please contact me. Thanks Jim
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Andrew Rogers said...

Columbus suburb, Dublin Ohio.
Columbus Ohio post guy. Was this on September 22, 2012. You probably saw the military helicopter, I heard 3 thwumps of, chasing the red / orange lights. I saw the red doors open. I saw the translucent orange energy source. I saw the side panels with their hydraulics. What did you see?

Nemesis said...

Perhaps Jim from Conneticut might find it helpful if he gets in contact with Dr. David Jacobs.

Anonymous said...

I either saw a holographic hoax brought to you by government drones. Or alien crafts.

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