Wednesday, September 26, 2012

UFO Sighted Over San Diego Airport?

We would like to ask our readers from San Diego if they have spotted any UFO activity recently?
A current report suggests a UFO may have been within the area of the local airport:

A witness from Mission Hills, California believes he saw a UFO moving over the San Diego Airport on September 22. He said that it looked like a "black sphere." The object was noticed about two miles southeast of the I-5 and I-8 intersection. 

 According to the Examiner, the witness said, "Most of the sky was covered in tropical clouds; but there was one large section south and southeast of me which was mostly open blue sky (just a few small clouds). 

This open area would be over the San Diego Airport. The clouds were moving southwest to northeast pretty fast." What is very interesting is that the black object was moving against the wind and wasn't moving fast. The object was described as being round or sphere in shape. The size was hard to determine but it was bigger than a weather balloon but smaller than an airplane.
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Anonymous said...

I saw an UFO over La Mesa on 11-09-13, at 6:00 P.M., I was pulling out of my driveway when I looked to the Western sky, I notice air traffic circling back to land at the air port in San Diego. Then I notice two object that appeared to be a sold bright yello, moving as if they were just chasing each other in the sky. I though they were Helicopters.I pulled over to get a better look and to record with my cell phone but as soon as I was about to record they appeared to just disappear.

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