Friday, December 14, 2012

Missile Or UFO? Cape Town, South Africa

Hundreds in Cape Town ,South Africa saw this incredible bright moving light in the clouds.
Some assume the timing links in with the North Korean missile launch, while others say it was the Orbital Test Vehicle (below)
Appreciate your comments and if you live in Cape town please reply with your eyewitness report;
Posters comments
Video footage now added of the bright flash and a rapidly moving cloud that was seen from most of the Western Cape around 20:40 (SAST) on 11 December 2012. Lots of people saw it, some thinking it to be a UFO or the doomsday object due to destroy the Earth on 21 December! But patiently waiting at his home, satellite hunter Greg Roberts were waiting for this, the third flight of OTV (Orbital Test Vehicle). And was he surprised to such a spectacular show when both the 2nd stage Centaur rocket and OTV-3 made retro-burns above the Cape Town skies. 
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