Tuesday, December 11, 2012

UFO Lights On Omak, Washington: 7/12/2012

For some strange reason once uploaded to Youtube, this UFO video lost the quality needed to see the second orb below the bright one which made it impressive.
The best you can do is view in HD 1080dpi in fullscreen and you might be able to see it.
Please note anyone in the nearby Omak area, please reply to this post if you have also seen strange lights like these recently.

Mufon Eyewitness comment:
 It was dark outside. I observed what appeared to be a jet flying from the south to the northeast. it went in a straight line slowly but then it stopped and hovered close to 20 miles or so south of my location. it then moved in an arching pattern from the southeast sky to the northwest sky. it came to hover over Omak downtown. it hovered there from around 10pm until 1am. I did not see it depart 
I called my nephew outside and he was terribly startled and ran back into the house. he also told me to come inside. I then asked him to get a camera/video equipment and take photos. we did capture the object in several pictures and some video.

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Anonymous said...

Third week of July my family was on vacation in the nespelem area and saw a bright orb light to the north just above the hills it stayed in the same spot for a long while it was not a plane or helicopter very quiet out and much brighter than the surrounding stars. It eventually faded away this video looks like what we saw!

Bathtub said...

More bad acting and gratuitous swearing.

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