Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fascinating! Alien Like Skulls Found - Cusco, Peru!

These interesting 'alien like' skulls, were found in the Cusco museum in Peru.
These skulls look similar to the Star Child skull which we have featured before.
It was known that adult human skulls could be elongated through ritual head lengthening, however what makes these skulls interesting if they are real (and not tampered with), is that they are meant to be child skulls, which would be much difficult to achieve at  such a young age. According to the poster "This (skull) one is at the center of present DNA testing, as is one other. Some results are expected perhaps in January 2013".Would like to know your thoughts on these strange skulls - alien hybrid or not?

2 more interesting videos
Elongated Skulls Of Cusco Peru: Filming Out Of Bounds 
 2 American Doctors Inspect Presumed Alien Skeleton
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Anonymous said...

Interesting, but morbid. It's hydrocephaly, and those poor kids suffered badly for it. Same with the "Starchild" business--and I do mean BUSINESS. You can make a lot of money exploiting the deformed and disfigured. See Tod Browning's great film, "Freaks," for further embellishment.

I really wish we could all get back down to the serious investigation of UFO phenomena!


Bathtub said...

Artificial cranial deformation is in fact practised first and foremost on children, because their skulls are soft and haven't yet knitted together. These skulls seem entirely consistent with previous finds. 100 per cent human, I'm afraid.
More info:

Anonymous said...

You can tell because if its eyes if you guys get any more information tell me

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