Friday, December 21, 2012

Ret. Air Force General: UFO's & Nuclear Holocaust

UFOs and nuclear weapons - most assume this sensitive topic is the real reason behind the US governments UFO cover-up. This interesting feature on Russia Today,  looks at statements from retired US Air Force generals, who say UFOs will stop a nuclear holocaust. They also believe UFO's have been monitoring nuclear installations since 1947:
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Anonymous said...

Of course concerned about a Nuclear Holocaust,some of them live here on Earth too!!Underground bases,underwater bases,in mountains,AND in amongst us,all around this planet, [its alleged!!] ET.does not want the Chimps, to be blowing up their
zooalogical garden of disorder:)
it wouldn't be good for "their" Tourism!!others,that come to visit us!?:)NOT healthy for the Chimps either!they want to see us progress
NOT repeat! what had taken place thousands of year ago BC..........?

e76d4960-9c37-11e0-94d0-000f20980440 said...

I happen to know that there is a lot of credible data supporting the idea behind this story; however, why are no Generals mentioned in the story, when the title indicates that it is a story about the opinions of Generals?

Also, the main speaker at the press conference is merely identified as "Researcher;" what one earth does THAT mean???

And why does it take a full minute of talking about coffee and nonsense before the actual information is related?


Anonymous said...

In fear of RIDICULE! would be one answer, but you make a good point, and its early days still..........

Anonymous said...

U go "space friends"!!! The true once that stops this crazy "elite" from killing our planet and us with it!!!

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