Sunday, December 23, 2012

Lenticular Cloud Or UFO? Ankara,Turkey: 14/12/2012

Lenticular Clouds are stationary, lens-shaped clouds.This recent sighting of such a cloud over Ankara, Turkey on the 14th December, sparked much debate as to whether it was a "mothership" UFO. I'm merely posting this video for your discussion and feedback on the video:

The orange-colored cloud-like object was hovering in the sky. On the day the footage was recorded, there were no clouds in the sky and it was crystal clear throughout the day. The cloud-like object did not disappear as expected; it was there and steady for a very long time. Because of the night fall it just became gradually invisible after 30 minutes. There was not enough light to see it. To make sure that is was not a reflection from a lamp, I turned off all of the indoor lights. The phenomena was visible from all windows. The object was nearly 2 miles away from me. . There were multiple local people who witnessed the incident like I did.
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Anonymous said...

Something flys by at 21 seconds

Greg St. Pierre said...

Despite the description, it still looks like a reflection to me.

Nell186 said...

Reflection of what?!

Anonymous said...

OK! so this might be called a "Lenticular Cloud" but its the only thing up there in the blue! looks to me,a bit out of place for the name!? and yes I did see a small white dot move to the left,so
now, what are we suppose to think?
I don't think I would call it a ufo
its not flying!? but the small white dot, that we saw moveing to the left,could be..............?

Anonymous said...

As the first commenter says something does appear at 21 seconds, but to me it looks like it is coming from inside the red circle.

Anonymous said...

I think its agreed that something is seen, to move from the red circle to the left!

So!! there can be three ways to think about this...(One) its a "Lenticular cloud" with a ufo.
that just happened to be there at the same time.(Two) The ufo.had something to do with the
"Lenticular Cloud" and (Three) its
not a "Lenticular Cloud" but something else with the ufo.Leaving
from it,to the left:).............

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