Saturday, December 29, 2012

UFOs Or Lanterns? Crivitz, Wisconsin 23/12/2012

Did anyone else see this? Could they simply be Lanterns ? Warning: strong language.
Posters comments:
Warning: Several F-Bombs dropped due to total freak out. Formation of unidentified bright orange orbs flying over the Crivitz, WI area on 12/23/2012 @ 7:03 p.m. Thought maybe the Mayan calender was a few days off! Two rows of lights that numbered 25-35 total. Watched them come from a distance, fly overhead, and disappear heading Southeast. Was a very quiet night and they did not make a sound. Blinking was caused by the camera. Lights were not blinking to the naked eye.
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Rick Wakefield said...

HI, I’m the original poster of this video. Since this short clip can do no justice to what we saw with our eyes, I’d like to add a bit more detail; as well as apologize for our language. We were quite startled at the time and I’d have left the audio out but I do believe it adds to the reality of the moment. I, my wife, son, and cousin were all witness to this event. I had worked on aircraft long ago while in the U.S. Army, my son recently fulfilled his commitment with the U.S. Air Force; we are familiar with things that fly. My son took this video with his phone while we were outside at our cabin, cooking dinner on the grill. Wish we could have gotten better video, but hey, it was a phone. What we saw with our eyes did not blink, change intensity, color, or position from each other while passing overhead. They passed in a perfect formation at what appeared to be a fairly fast pace considering their perceived altitude. The night was also well below freezing temperatures. If these were lanterns they must have had one hell of a torch fueling them. I’m 50 years old and what I saw completely rocked the foundation of my belief system.

Anonymous said...

OK! said it well,nice one Rick
hope your belief systems not rocked
too badly,I think there's more to come....Cheers! to you all, for the new year...............

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