Saturday, December 22, 2012

NASA Cuts The Live Feed! UFO's?

UFO at the  ISS (International Space station). NASA cuts the live feed during the transmission, for apparently no known reason on 16 Dec 2012: Allegedly a cylindrical object is seen just before the cut of the feed:
Seemingly, after the object is no longer present, the feed was activated again. The time span was five minutes.
 A highly interesting comment on this one: 
The camera was attached to the Z1 Truss Segment, facing Destiny Laboratory Module, with the recently attached Leonardo Permanent Multipurpose Module positioned on the right side of the screen. According to station's log from 16 Dec 2012, "Oleg Novitskiy activated the Russian payload TEKh-39 LCS in the Service Module", but there were no tasks for the crew on the american side of the station, which is in the scope of this camera. This is definitely an UFO.
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e76d4960-9c37-11e0-94d0-000f20980440 said...

I'm puzzled as to why the video starts during the 5 minutes of silence, rather than with the transmissions just BEFORE and then AFTER the supposed "cut." A video of silence ain't necessarily the vehicle that's gonna get me there.

Also, how often are transmissions of "live" feeds silenced? Is this something that happens often, occasionally, or never? This is essential for one to know before one decides how important an event this may have been.

I'm skeptical when articles begin with words like "...for apparently no known reason..." It's rather obvious that some investigation is necessary before the reporter continues with this story....

Anonymous said...

What are the strange symbols In the ISS section that is mid frame of the video?

Anonymous said...

the cylinder is obviously fixed with respect to the station. It seems unlikely that a presumably large objet, far remote from the station, would remain spatialy linked to it.

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