Saturday, December 22, 2012

UFO The Statue Of Liberty, New York: 21/12/2012

New UFO video sent in by a reader. Location - New York, 21 December 2012:

We have received numerous emails in from New York.
Similar report:
New York City - 11-24-12 At 5:00 am I was looking through the 2nd floor family room window of my residence admiring the clear blue early morning sky with a few white clouds and the fully lighted Empire State Building at a distance. I was getting ready for the daily working routines, when all of a sudden I noticed what appeared to be a big circular/round "plate" formation of bright colored lights cruising the sky. It was coming from the New York City direction, from my left to the right, passing at eye level towards the area where I was. The lights were not speeding nor where they moving slowly, mainly the peculiar sight was traveling on what appeared to be a constant straight path motion. There were stars above it. This was not a star. I have observed airplanes go by from a nearby airport. This was not an airplane. There were beam lights around the city in support of Sandy’s victims. These were not beam lights. I witnessed the most beautiful and unusual lights I have ever seen "adorning" our early morning skies. The size is unknown to me, but from my perspective it seems they were as big as my garage door, at a distance. No noticeable edge indicative of "a circular unknown flying machine" was observed. There was no outward reflection or beam light coming out. There were no pulsating lights, either. There was no clockwise movement to the left or right. It was a "plate" full of colored lights-red, yellow, and orange that came to a mind-flashing constantly without moving around. It happened fast, not lasting more than a minute. There was no time for me to call upon my sleeping children; no time to get my cell and take a picture.
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Anonymous said...

Is statue ET?:) with your freedom of the airways..............

Anonymous said...

then one flew past the ship orange orb

Anonymous said...

airplane no doubt

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