Wednesday, February 06, 2013

fireball in the sky Belgium 4th Feb 2013

A huge fireball was seen over Belgium 4th Feb this month, very low near homes.
This local news report covers the story:
Its quite an interesting news report - if anyone can provide a translation in reply to this post it would be greatly appreciated!
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kalausch said...

Hey, this actually happened in December of 2011, it was supposedly a part of a soyuz rocket that took off 4 days prior. It could be seen in parts of Belgium, France and Luxembourg. I saw it too. But yeah its old, just so you know ;-)

Anonymous said...

So,does anybody see where these things Land?? surley that would make BIG News as well.

andy sharp said...

I agree the comentator wishes everybody happy christmas then goes on to state it was seen over charloroi and mons and has been attributed to the rocket syage of a soyut rocket
Hope this helps


kalausch said...

so you´re not gonna change this ;-) you have to watch for these things to not lose credibility. greetings ;)

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