Saturday, February 09, 2013

UFO above Argentina 7th Feb 2013

UFO filmed above Buenos Aires:

Posters comments:
February 7, 2013. Buenos Aires under continuous UFO activity (all events are checked in the Heaven Above Satellite ready, not having Matches, you can also control it) Day 7, at 5:00 was recorded severe abnormalities activity near the area of Scorpio the phenomenon recorded in deep space infrared and ratted abnormal behavior, with South plotting sheet " generating flashes of almost -1 Mag "., but also notable lighting Unidentified sinusoids (Foo Fighter or cosmic ray?). Lenticular UFO / Orb, register on the sector is South / West " 4:52 in the capital, similar phenomena openings Intense Flares "luminous slowly plowed with South plotting sheet" the record became more abnormal to observe the strange behavior Sinusoid while traveling at very low altitude and almost on the Horizon Citadino. 
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