Saturday, March 23, 2013

Woman captures UFO on video over Broadview South Australia

A recent UFO report her downunder made the news in Adelaide . The woman says shes filmed UFOs from backyard  Broadview South Australia. Note: we would like to hear your feedback on the video.
View the footage in fullscreen and let us know what you think.
Also if you live in the surrounding area please let us know if you can confirm these Ufo sightings.
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skahooch21 said...

The only disappointment I have is the way the "NEWS" doesn't put too much of a serious spin on the story! The mentions of X-files and music are obviously making the story not seem realistic. If the "average" person saw this report and had to make a serious decision about UFOs, no one would consider this a real event! So frustrating!

Anonymous said...

LOL...She says she would like a silver one!..I'd trade my car in! Hahaha Just imagine your neighbors seeing you float your silver disc out from the Garage,and zipping off to who knows where,life would never be the same again!!......:)>

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could take your new silver disc out shopping,no problem
in car-park! it suddenly cleared!:)

Perhaps you have no need to shop,
just beam up what you need..FREE!:)

Life would never be the same, you've just had your photo taken...

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could take a quick trip
to the little Aleinn for a we ale,
and then on to Area51 and get in FREE!!

THEN! would never be the same
I think I'll keep the car..........

Anonymous said...

It's very impressive from the short period one could see them. I believe the lady is sincere. I'd certainly like a slow-mo and magnification of the objects. Can that be done on the user end?

Thanks for posting that--


John Hosking said...

Well that is the Channel 7 News of Adelaide South Australia so that bit is true. But I haven't seen any UFOs this week.

Nell186 said...

What an amazing capture of what is so obviously the real deal!!
I totally believe these are UFO's, do your research to all the sceptics out there!
Well done.

Nell186 said...

what an amazing "capture" of what is so obviously UFO's!!!!
And to all the skeptics out there, do your research!!
Well done!

Anonymous said...

Yes..TOM!..Play the video of choice
Pause on the "clearest" frame! use your arrow-keys "left or right" for
improvement,then apply "Contrast or
Brightness"This can be done either
in your:Graphics Controller Program
in you PC. or on the Monitor its self!

Look in your PC.for a Magnifying
Program, or you might need to download from the net,some are free:)..and can be amazing,if you achieve this........

Anonymous said...

Thank you! That works great!

Best to you--


cheryl-lee vanagelis said...

Hi I am the person in this video.. and I have captured hundreds more, it is sad, all the footage given to channel 7 news could not be shown, so i have made a documentary of 2 hours worth of Real UFO,
cheers Cheryl-lee

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