Friday, August 30, 2013

August 2013 UFO Sightings over Brazil, Canada, USA, UK & Turkey

UFO planet takes a look at  a review of UFO sightings this month:
 Darin Crapo has a look at UFO Sightings over Brazil; Cambridge, Ontario, Canada; Kepler Footage; Massillon, Ohio, USA; Springfield, MO, USA; Turkey; Danish Alien; Hedon, North London, England and special guest Michel Deschamps:
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Anonymous said...

UFO Planet,with Darin Crapo, is somewhat new to me!..I've watched his program a few times,and first impressions, after awhile,caught my attention, in as far as his input of thought, of what was seen on the screen,leaving it to the viewer of cause,to decide..I found this interesting,because he gave a direction of thought to consider,in his opinion!..The interview with the last guy was good,and left me wandering off in thought, from what I was hearing of this guys story.I was remembering how interfaced with the craft.In other words the craft is an extension of his intention..Extraterrestrial thought!..and the craft responds! OK?..So my thoughts are this:

As we all understand & see lights all around planet earth,and presumably some,are ETs!? and it is ONLY ET craft, we're talking about..We understand,that not only are they looking around, as in viewing!? but also,looking around "Telepathically" meaning,who is thinking WHAT! of IMPORTANCE!? Gathering data as it were,for who knows what!?..It is understood they're "Telepathically" orientated!!

Could they be building up a data image, of the overall impressions of mankind? as in: Aggression! or Love! or Fear, Doubt, Concern, or Lack of it! Despair, Procrastination!:) or negative intent!! ALL THIS Telepathically!!

Yes, they're looking around!?..Consider this: Telepathically enhanced with Technology that's WAY ahead of US!!
by thousands, if not millions of years!!! They are not going to come down without a very good reason to communicate.They know our thoughts, and they have been down to communicate with some of us,because they know, NOT all of us, are Telepathically inclined!..We have this mouth problem called SPEECH!:) and its not there way of communication, but they can if they must!?..Just think about "President Eisenhower's" Incredible meeting with several different ET.groups,at Holloman one of the first meetings, and more that followed in the 1950s Allegedly!!
1953-1955..? At that time the ETs even then! were very concerned about the nuclear research & testing in discussion with President Eisenhower.Allegedly!!..Has anything changed,from that time on? NO!..The nuclear weapons are more powerful than ever now!!..And what about the closing down of nuclear weapons, one by one; under "Capt.Robert Salas's" watch, while he's talking on the phone to his Superior! If that's not a warning,then what was it?...."Capt. Robert Salas" holds the full story on that event.........................

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