Sunday, August 25, 2013

bright moving UFO orb over Eau Claire Wisconsin USA 22nd August 2013

This bright UFO orb was filmed over Wisconsin:

Source: MUFON:
My son, roommate, and myself went outside to stargaze and to try and capture these orb like objects we have been seeing on video. We are all believers in the whole UFO phenomenon and have seen strange lights in the sky which even lead to me creating a website to help shed some light on this subject. On this particular night we were seeing a lot of orb like objects that appeared to be stars hiding among constellations but then would move and appear dim at first and then get really bright and then again go dull. I have an 8.9 megapixel Sony 55x zoom so usually I dont even bother trying to record these objects sine the distance is way to far in the sky to capture on my equipment. This object however was lower to the ground and I could pick it up fairly well on my video camera so as soon as I could record the object, I started getting exited and started recording. On the video the object clearly is changing colors but to the naked eye you could see a slight change in color but it was not as apparent. This object appeared near a bright star or got bright enough to view it and then proceeded to get even brighter until it was over my house and then it got really dim and finally we were unable to see it. It disappeared over my house it seemed and I kept recording in the spot its lights went out however, it never appeared again at least in that spot. Later on we witnessed the same object in the far distance way off in the north but it was too far for me to get on video. There is an airport nearby so this object may have been picked up on radar. I have posted this video on YouTube with the story and coordinates link
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