Monday, January 20, 2014

Close! UFO & Airplane - Tijuana, Mexico: 15/01/2012

This video is rather interesting. Over the years I have seen so many similar videos - I'm still not sure why these Orbs are so attracted to jet trails?  Your comments appreciated. This object was filmed near an airplane above Tijuana, Mexico.
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Anonymous said...

So attracted to jet trails? or ChemTrails!? Both = "pollution" of our airways...

What are we breathing in?..With so many aircraft in our airways flying 24-7 around the world FOR YEARS!! Would this add up to more pollution of our atmosphere globally, than say!..

"A Volcanic eruption" somewhere in the world!?....

In some countries,the exhaust from motor vehicles, causes so much smog in the city, its difficult to breath!..What do aircraft cause??

With the rising population of seven billion people, this can only get worse!? yeah?

To stop this pollution, of the very air we breath now, and God knows, what else? -IS-

[Free Energy!!]..NOW!!!! if not sooner..Let pollution, be a thing of the past,instead of allowing it to continue, to get worse!!..Just think of it. Every thing is self powered! like a battery that NEVER goes flat!? No more batteries needed:)..clocks, shaver, fans, small radio,
through the TV.away:) hand held torch, computers, remote controls,the list can go on for ever!

House hold, garage, car, boat, caravan..its exciting:)..and free! after you buy it:)...........

jeff belli said...

I had my own 'orb' experience on a Continental flight from Newark to Hawaii.
I was sitting in the front cabin and watching the land come up to us as we descended for final approach.
A glimmer caught my eye ahead of the aircraft window, I strained to see forward, it was actually coming toward us.
I immediately thought, mid air collision, and as this thought was entering my head it was getting closer and closer.
It actually came up along side of the aircraft, and went right past my window and then past the wing.
I immediately looked to the person next to me, she was asleep, and there was no other activity in the cabin.
It was orange, to almost a salmon orange...and brightly lit from inside. Opaque.
It appeared intelligently controlled and was not a balloon or a kite or any earthly type of thing that I had seen before.
The most ridiculous thing was in an instant as it passed me I felt, it was looking for 'me' (!) it knew 'I' was there....this was even stranger than seeing the object itself was this thought in my head, that suddenly arrived and presented itself to me.

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