Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What are your thoughts? objects over Paris France

Would like your take on what the objects in this footage could be?

Posters comments:
Ufo sighting in Paris, France, Ufos Eiffel Tower Sighting February, 2014 Upload. Multiple Ufos were taped from the top of the Eiffel Tower. The person recording the this video, a tourist, manages to capture multiple Ufos from the POV from the top of the Eiffel Tower. She stated she thought they were planes at first and just followed along. The witness added that there was no evidence of plane engine sounds. She mentioned that this tape is several years old, the tape has ever been released publicly anywhere before. The witness taped this Ufo sighting in "2005" on a dated cellphone camera. The person recording this video added, there were multiple witnesses including small children present at the time of the recording. At the start of the video you can see what seems to be 3 Ufos hovering and moving camera left alongside the Paris skyline. As the camera follows, you can see a few more Ufos flying around. One of the Ufos seemingly separates itself from a much bigger Ufo. The tourist who gave us this tape wants to remain anonymous. 
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Paul Copeland said...

That was a very good video!
I think it is in fact saucers, but who owns them? Thats the question? alien or humans

Anonymous said...

I suspect this viewing, what ever they were,was not heard, because of wind direction & the distance. This viewing cannot be identified, as the shot is not THAT clear, to determine.

In my opinion,it could have been a normal event,such as: Plane, or Helicopter! but not heard because of the distance away,and the wind direction, as I've said....It is curious though!

Throwing caution to the wind,to what we think it might be! and if: Plane & Helicopter has been ruled out,might it have been, a remotely controlled Drone, of some kind??..and to take it farther!?...Who's?:)...What else is there to consider?..........................?

John said...

There's nothing about those objects that says they might be anything other than birds. The low resolution makes them blobs.

Bathtub said...


Anonymous said...

Bathtubs.."Blurds"..nice one:)...............

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