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Ufo's captured via cam over the pyramids in egypt November 2006

A video made from combine photos framestaken before and after the ufo flys over the pyramid that night: has been capturing live images of the Pyramids at Giza since October 2005 and displaying them every 30 seconds on the website. Two cameras are in operation on a 24/7 basis. On November 11th 2006, we were informed by a viewer that one of the images captured on the 10th in the evening had an elliptical shaped light with a faint tail behind it. We checked our archives and confirmed her report.

The camera looks due WSW and the light appears to be somewhere around 30 degrees off the horizon and directly in line with Khafre, the middle pyramid. The night was clear and visibility was good - you can just make out the outline of Khufu or the right of the image. The camera was a Startdot NetamXL 3.2 megapixel webcam with a remote control zoom lens. Our location is about 1800 meters from the Plateau and the Pyramids take up the entire width of the image frame on the website. It is difficult to tell whether the object is in the foreground or the background vis-a-vis the Pyramids, but it appears to be pointed at a slight downward angle from the horizontal.

It only appears in one frame, however we made a movie that combines a number of frames before and after to put it into context Non-military aircraft are not permitted in the area and there is little or no civil aviation here to speak of.
--Jim Sorenson

May 23, 2006 onaother ufo over the pyramids
There were two images in sequence here. The first, at the top, shows an object low and on the right of Khufu that appears to be banking. It's reflective silver and looks solid. There is also something of a less solid nature in the the top image directly between the pyramids.
The second image, above, captured just 47 seconds later, shows a solid reflective object just to the right and at the top of Khafre. What is really interesting are the enlargements of these imgages below:

more ufo pyramid images here

more ufo photos of ufo on pyramids here
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