Tuesday, April 03, 2007

My visit to Brazil John of God - sorry unrelated to ufos!

Hi guys..... this is a bit different: I guess you have got an open mind if your coming to my site - so you may be open to this:
I know its totally unrelated to ufos, but i just wanted to spread the word . I just want to say i was so greatful for my trip to brazil to see john of god and also in new zealand in 2007 - yes, he is the real thing and i have seen people get well over time by visiting him from terrible illnesses. Its amazing to think that such a man lives in these times and goes unoticed! here's the video on him, please keep an open mind - this is real healing:
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Elana said...

Thought you would enjoy reading Deborah King's account of being in Brazil and working with John of God.
You can read it here : http://bluekangaroo.presskit247.com/category/deborah-king/

Also, after watching the first few moments of the YouTube report, I included it in the report from Deborah.

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