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Boeing's and the US governments HUGE UFO SECRET Rocketdyne Simi Valley Santa Susana california

After doing some investigation i have found a huge number of reported ufo sightings (below) at the Rocketdyne site dating back to the early 50's. After looking into this further and putting together all the pieces of information i discovered that there definently some HUGE ufo secret going on in Rocketdyne involving both advanced propulsion companies (Boeing) the US government and possible unearthly sources.

Orignally owned by Rockwell International Rocketdyne was bought by Boeing and then resold to Pratt & Whitney in 2005. However Boeing made sure that the main testing lab in the simi valley hills was not included in the sale to Pratt & Whitney and still remains solely owned by the Boeing company (for good reason- explained below!)
Latest Rocketdyne ufo sighting March 2007:

Rocketdyne used to test the early rockets until the 1970's when they became the major supplier for NASA's rockets and recently designed the main power system for the International Space Station. Rocketdyne was also well know for having the first nuclear reactor meltdown in 1959 .A close relation ship between NASA has ensured that Rocketdyne became the leader in advanaced propulsion technology systems with the highest level of expertise and resources available.

Obviously all this means that Rocketdyne was the ideal company for back-enineering ufos as they had an exisiting close relationship with NASA, the engineering experience and corporate resource funding. According to numerous sources Rocketdyne has been actively testing man made ufo craft since the mid 90's in co-operation with secret military operations. According to Dr Rodger Leir who questioned two security staff at Rocketdyne during a man made ufo craft crash in 1996 - 'these vehicles land here twice a week,'. And Again in 1998 a huge fireball was seen over Rocketdyne and according to a military general "A damaged (UFO) vehicle made an emergency landing here. It was repaired, and left this morning." It is possible that there may be some kind of exchange of technology going on between the rocketdyne facility and their UFO visitors. Another explanation is that the UFO's are highly interested in the facility and are monitoring whats going on there. read more

Here is a summary of UFO sightings near or over Rocketdyne dating back from the 50's to present:
11-11-1957; Rocketdyne engineers report Three oval UFOs ascending,
1996 Rodger Leir sighting Rocketdyne
11th September 1998 ufo Rocketdyne
July 23, 2001 - Four UFO Sightings Near Rocketdyne In Two Weeks
1997 ufo report rocketdyne

Here's some recent videos of recent ufo activty over rocketdyne this year - its not known if these are man made or unearthly craft

for more recent videos over rocketdyne click here
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