Monday, April 23, 2007

Man finds crashed government plane that had 1947 ufo inside

A man makes an amazing discovery in Washington State. He found wreckage from a UFO tracking plane that crashed almost 60 years ago.

The most amazing part of the find is the cargo the downed military plane was reported to be carrying. The plane has a mysterious history. Two of the four crew members were killed in the crash but the real story wasn't on the front page.

Newspapers reported the plane's crew members were "flying disk" investigators, searching for UFOs and carrying a top secret payload. The lure of alien evidence has drawn hundreds to these hills, but nothing was found until recently.

Jim Greear had been searching for 10-years.

"I looked down and there was a piece of silver looking metal and I had a shovel and I touched it. And it was metal so I slid down the bank and it was the first piece of that plane I found. I started going back up the crick and it was full of metal. It was like finding gold. I finally found it."

Jim says huge pieces of the plane still remain, and he's anxious to discover the secrets they hold.
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