Monday, April 23, 2007

What George Bush doesn't want you to know about global warming

Hi guys, this video (although not related to ufos)is quite shocking indeed and shows you what lengths the Bush administration is going to coverup global warming. Its no secret that the Bush family have close private interests in oil companies - so its likely Bush would have it in his interest that oil companies remain protected at any cost.
The public can't rely on the government anymore to tell us the truth about climate change and we need to do something before its too late!

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Anonymous said...

I live in the area where you can see,smell,and taste the smog. And if that isn't bad enough bending over at the gas station is. I have a hybrid so it's not as bad . I have a question for whoever wants to answer it . There are two major political parties in the United States . one of them has a communist mentality and the other a NAZI philosophy to it . Can you tell me which one is which ?

Anonymous said...

The whole global warming thing is just a plan to bring in a new global tax on carbon emissions. Do the research and you will find carbon levels actually follow the rising temperatures, and arent the casue of the warming. Also alot of talk about sea levels rising, but in actual fact sea levels are receding. Dont get me wrong i think we need to get off the oil addiciton, but dont believe the scare mongering about global warming...its nonsense

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