Sunday, April 15, 2007

ufo crash lands in Somalia

26, March.07 A mysterious device looking like a satellite or UFO has landed and spotted near Buulo Burde town in south Somalia. Villagers report that the device fell five days ago in area which lies forty kilo meters north of Buulo Burde town.

The device is occupying in an area of one hundred Meters Square as villagers who spotted this device confirmed to Shabelle Radio. “In the evening of last Wednesday, a large device flew over our head and moments later, we heard a large sound, BAM” said Ilyas Ali, a villager who lives nearby where this large device has fallen.

Ilyas spoke of the device, telling that in the daylight it glitters and in a nighttime, it turns lights and speaks a strange language which can’t be understood by the villagers. The impact of the unidentified device has killed a camel which was grazing nearby. Because of the remote area it fell, news of the device is emerging gradually now despite its fall of five days ago.

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Anonymous said...

Mc Cain killed Abel.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to this story? I haven't seen any updates, pictures, interviews, nothing on the web since the original report. Any UFOlogists on this?

Anonymous said...

The Islamic Courts confiscated the craft and are currently back engineering it.

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