Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The best photos of the shocking lunar ufo base on the moon from the Navy and Nasa site

This is a must watch video of some of the best and most clear photos taken from the Navy's own website of the 'base' on the moon
Vid 1

Vid 2

As i have posted before NASA has clear evidence from its own website highlighting the unearthly base on the moon. You can check it out yourself if you don't belive me from the Navy's own website:
[click here]
This second image shows two very tall tower structures that have been censored and “smudged”. [click here]
This third image shows another absolutely massive alien structure that has been censored and “smudged”. Here it is:
[click here]
This fourth image has been censored and “smudged” but parts of the structure can be seen poking out
To access this image, it will take steps:
First, go to the following site:
Now here are the settings:
Desired Resolution: 1 pixel = 1 kilometer
- Image Size = 768x768
- Latitude = -70 (as in minus 70)
- Longitude = 137
Leave everything else alone and click the “Use lat/long” button.
This fifth image is one that shows three very tall structures towards the bottom of the image that have been censored and “smudged”. Here it is:
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Anonymous said...

Look at Latitude -62, 2 Longitude 7, 47 as close as possible

Anonymous said...

Check out the glowing saucer behind the rock at Latitude -73, 23 Longitude 140, 10. Zoom all the way in. Seems to emit more light than anything else on the map and seems to be on the wrong side of the rocks for sunlight to create it. The most interesting thing I've found! Other than the obvious cover-up!

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