Sunday, September 23, 2007

Possible ufo prediction ?

Brian from has posted an interesting dream prediction, I have been following his site for over 1 1/2 yrs now and over time many of his dreams have actually come true eg, the landfall of huricane katrina and the london bombings ,- and you can check to see they are not backdated so who knows about this one?:

"930 6000 O'Hare, military cover-up is exposed, Mexico lights, they know, watch 'sunshine"...I believe this is related to DD5986 and a few others...I woke up shaking and scared...the only dreams that usually make me act like this are UFO/Alien dreams. It's possible, something is going to happen at O'Hare Airport and is somehow connected to lights in the sky in Mexico. I also believe the US military already knows what's going to happen...I'm not a big believer the military UFO cover-up plots, but I have had many dreams in the past related to such issues.

"6, 6, 6, 322 X white house makes announcement to change world 6000, red white an blue" "Mexico - the world is about to change -- we are back"

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Anonymous said...

Hey Matt, great post... I've been sensing something is going to be expose within a year or so ... everybody keep your eyes open

Anonymous said...

Hm, this is very interesting... Personally, I think there's been a cover-up of sorts for hundreds if not thousands of years. I do think there are those who know the "truth" and that covering it up for thousands of more years is still not improbable.

Knowledge is power!

Anonymous said...

I think this is crap

Anonymous said...

How you can say he dreamed and reported before all these incident.So only publish that you sure with proof.

Ran said...

Hi Matt, last night on coast to coast am... was some guy talking about dreams here's the website:
for those who are interested in that kind of stuff .

Anonymous said...

ok well brian is kind of accurate on many things, but some things haven't come true yet- i just thought the post was interesting

Anonymous said...

mm that is weird.

could be true?

I saw a video in youtube today, is this an UFO or what?

Lich said...

Visit my blog:
Where i drawn and describle my self-hypnose and dreams about UFOs (abduction experiences?) I believe these symbols i found inside my mind are truly important.

ps. Real UFO Videos is great site and i visit it often, keep going!

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