Monday, January 07, 2008

UK Ministry of Defence MOD UFO update - disclosure set for spring 2008

Here's a summay on the latest about the UK MOD upcoming UFO disclosure preparation:
1. There are a total of 160 files managed by DAS and DI55 which will be released. These cover a period from the late 1970s up to 2007, including a series of files containing FoIA requests and their responses on the subject of UFOs from 2005 to present.

2. It is expected to take 3 years to review, redact, and release the files, but release will occur in batches as they become available. It is currently intended to process the files in chronological order.

3. Personal details of officials and members of the public will be redacted, but the unredacted versions will be released under the terms of the Public Records Act, normally after 30 years.

4. The files will not be generally published on the MoD web site, but will be released to the National Archives in both paper and digital form. TNA will publish them on-line, but there will probably be a fee charged for their download in accordance with existing TNA policy.

5. It is likely that the MoD will respond to many future FoIA requests about UFOs along the lines that publication is scheduled via TNA, and the requester will have to wait until the information is available from TNA (covered by section 22 of the FoIA, "Information intended for Future Publication").

6. The first tranche of documents are expected to be released during spring 2008.

Documents available so far via MOd site Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

I only hope they don´t go to insult our intelligence.
Is time to let everybody know the truth.

Anonymous said...

the bastards know its time to disclose

Anonymous said...

Having seen a number of unexplained aerial objects over the years,including 5 white diamond shaped objects just a few hundred feet up, I do think that if the MoD uk and agencies in the USA want the peoples of the worlds' help, which they will need eventually, then we should be informed of what they know and all their true evidence and what they really think of the UFo subject. We are not fools ,so don't try to treat us as such.I'm 74 an ex- draughtsman,design/planning engineer,I did my National Service in the RAF.

Copasetic Author said...

The data is out! There was an increase in sightings over the last year, but a big decrease since 1997. For ongoing analysis, see: MoD Data Analysis at

Joe McGonagle said...

For the source of this story, visit:



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