Monday, March 10, 2008

Apparent Abduction caught on tape ?

This video is from a show hosted by Johnathan Frakes called 'The Paranormal Borderline'. The security cameras were rolling at the time of the event.
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LEAX said...

Would love to see a hypnosis session with the abducted guy

Anonymous said...

If this video was real and these events truly happened and this guy wanted to share this experience with the world, don't you think that he wouldn't expect a large sum of money in return (for the videotape) and remain anonymous?

We all want to believe this is true, but come on... I'm highly skeptical.

Anonymous said...

I have seen security video when there is lightning outside, it behaves much like this.
So how do we know this guy isn't walking outside right when lightning strikes and messes up the camera, he gets into a car a goes drinking with friends, two hours later they drop him back off and it lightnings again. then he throws up and continues on his way....

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