Sunday, March 09, 2008

Robbie Williams Claims 3 Seperate UFO Sightings

Not sure if this news is really appropriate for the blog but i guess its good when a celebrity raises public interest in ufos.
In this case, Robbie Williams claims that he has encountered a UFO at least three times. Robbie says he’ll quit his singing career to study ufos after his series’ of experiences. The first time he saw a UFO was when he was a kid in Britain. His second sighting was above a hotel in Beverly Hills. He added: “I was lying on my sun lounger outside at night. Above me was a square thing that passed over my head silently and shot off.” Robbie also claims that the third UFO appeared as he stood on his bedroom balcony after writing a song about alien contact. This big ball of gold light turned up. On my life,” he said. Robbie based his 2006 Close Encounters concert tour on UFOs. He said: “I’m stopping being a pop star. I’m going to be a full-time Ufologist.” Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

You are right,

any current/latest/hot info, even if it's a celebrity raising UFO awareness is a good thing and should be posted here :)

I encourage such behavior :))))

LEAX said...

Britney Spears is an alien ! GET HER !

Anonymous said...

Ufo's are questionable, but Abi Titmus is definately a s**t

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